Why people use self storage

Self-Storage services are becoming increasingly popular in Cape Town, and for good reason too.

Here are ways in which self-storage services can make your life 1M X easier:


Moving can be a stressful experience. Sometimes your move-out and move-in dates don’t exactly match up when you decide to relocate. Self-storage units can be a huge help here. Ustore schedules a pickup from your old home/business, stores all your belongings for you until your move-in date, and then drops it off at your new home/business when you are ready.


Finding your perfect home and realising it comes fully furnished when you already have furniture doesn’t have to mean you cannot still get the best of both worlds. Keeping your own furniture in a self-storage facility always safeguards you for when you need to move again. You still get to have your dream home and keep your own furniture looking as good as new while you are renting. You could also ask your landlord if you could store their belongings to make space for yours.


In our current economic situation, downsizing your living situation is sometimes a good way to get by and save some money for the future. However, it doesn’t mean that you will not upsize when things take a turn for the better. Renting a self-storage unit can help you make the most of your smaller living space and allow for you to keep your possessions or furniture that you will most probably need again. Some people rent a storage unit so that they can get better utilization out of a room in their home e.g. home gym instead of a study temporarily.


Minimalism is the new materialism. Your home or office is usually where you spend most of your time – keeping it clean and organised can be very rewarding but can also be a challenge. Even after a spring clean you can be left with things that you know you cannot sell or give away, but don’t necessarily want in your home or business. Renting a storage unit to keep your less-used belongings can be a small price to pay for making you feel happy and productive in your immediate environment every day.


Most of us have too many clothes for too little cupboard space. This means we wear the same clothes over again, and that our cupboards constantly stay untidy. Packing up your winter wardrobe in summer and vice versa can upgrade your morning routine tenfold. Ustore’s Uboxes (LINK to service page) can be the perfect option for keeping half of your wardrobe away from home and swapping it around seasonally, or for when you just feel like changing it up.


There is no better way to keep your vehicles or outdoor gear safe during offseason than renting out a storage unit. This option gives you more space in your garage and driveway and keeps your toys well-maintained until season kicks off.